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Skiing accident in Austria – Snowboard accident – Liability

A skiing holiday in Austria is great fun! However, the skiing holiday can suddenly end with an accident on the slopes. This is followed by investigations by the local police and the competent public prosecutor. We strongly advise our clients to seek legal advice already prior to the first police interrogation. Your testimony is crucial in order to preserve your claims arising from the skiing accident.

In civil proceedings, which are often initiated, the question is clarified as to which party involved in the accident is obliged to pay for the damages resulting from the skiing accident (e.g. compensation for pain and suffering, costs of medical treatment and therapies, damaged skiing equipment). Expert opinions from court-appointed experts in the fields of biomechanics and surgery are of decisive importance for the outcome of such proceedings.

On the basis of the behaviour of human bodies during a collision and on the basis of the final positions of the skiers after the collision, an expert in the field of biomechanics can, for example, make an assessment from which direction and at which speed each of the skiers approached. An expert in the field of surgery can, for example, give an assessment about the intensity and the duration of pain suffered from the accident. A central part of our legal advice is to clarify with our clients which evidence is provided to the court, so that the experts are able to prepare a high-quality expert opinion on the basis of such evidence.

We enjoy spending our free time on skis between Styria and Tyrol. As passionate skiers, we know many popular ski resorts. We represent you in the event of a skiing accident throughout Austria.

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