Across borders with success: in Slovakia and in Austria

Our attorneys-at-law based in Bratislava and Vienna support companies in commercial matters as well as natural persons when solving their everyday legal issues.

We provide legal advice to clients based on our thorough knowledge of the law of the two countries.

Our law office is a member of the Slovak-Austrian Chamber of Commerce.
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Our office provides legal services in a variety of legal fields. If you seek legal advice, we are ready to help you with any matter, whether you are a company or a natural person.

Examples of our legal services:

● We will represent your interests before courts and other authorities.

● We will establish your company or branch, prepare employment contracts or take care of your commercial matters from the legal perspective.

● We will draft your legal documents tailored to your needs (eg, purchase, lease and gift contracts, general terms and conditions).

● Based on many years of our experience in construction and procurement law, we will support you in the implementation of construction projects as well as in the participation in and the preparation of public tenders.


Dr. Ľubica Stelzer Páleníková

Ľubica Stelzer Páleníková is an attorney-at-law both in Austria (Rechtsanwältin) and in Slovakia. Clients very much appreciate her knowledge of the Austrian and Slovak jurisprudence. She gained her long-time experience in the procurement team of the international law firm WOLF THEISS.

She specializes in Austrian and Slovak public procurement law. She provides legal advice for public contracting authorities such as cities, municipalities and schools in public tender procedures. Her extensive practical experience also convincing for private entrepreneurs, who participate in public tender procedures or who challenge decisions rendered by public contracting authorities.

She regularly provides legal advice in cross-border situations (e.g. sending Slovak employees to Austria as expatriates, estate proceedings and inheritance law, family law, etc.).

She has regularly held lectures at the Slovak-Austrian Chamber of Commerce and she has also published numerous publications on tenders / public procurement.

Furthermore, she is also an official interpreter and translator for the Slovak language (in Austria).

Tel.: +43 1 36 727 89

Mgr. Filip Krajčovič, LL.M.

Filip Krajčovič has been attorney-at-law in Slovakia since 2008.

For several years, he had worked at a local law office and then at a branch of an international law office. He also worked in Brussels within the EU institutions. In addition, he gained practical experience as a senior lawyer at a leading construction company in Slovakia.

Filip Krajčovič specializes in business, labour and construction law as well as in litigation.

He holds an LLM degree in European Law from the University of Nottingham.

He is also registered as an official translator for the English language in Slovakia.

Tel.: +421 902 867 581

MMag. Dr. Michael Stelzer

Michael Stelzer is an attorney-at-law in Austria.

He specialises in civil law, business law, corporate law, real estate law, family law and penal law.

Michael Stelzer worked for the M&A / Corporate teams of several well-known international and Austrian law firms. Furthermore, he gathered valuable experience as inhouse lawyer at an Austrian supplier of electricity, natural gas and heating, focusing on renewable energy projects.

In addition to his doctoral degree in law from the University of Vienna, Michael Stelzer holds a degree in International Economics from the University of Innsbruck and the London School of Economics.

Tel: +43 1 36 727 89


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● Challenging discriminatory tender conditions. Flash News No. 05_1/2020 of the Slovak-Austrian Chamber of Commerce

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Initial consultation

During the initial consultation, you can explain us your matter and we will discuss the further course of action with you.

For the initial consultation with a duration of about 30 minutes, we charge EUR 50 (excluding VAT).

If you have a legal protection insurance, we settle the consultation directly within your insurance.

Court proceedings

In the case of court proceedings in Slovakia, we can agree with clients on a fee based on an attorney rate. The applicable rate depends on a disputed amount, while it is specified in the Regulation on fees and reimbursement of costs of attorneys for the provision of legal services.

For example, our fee for the filing a claim for damages in the amount of EUR 3,000 would amount to EUR 178.96 (including the so-called flat-rate administration fee) excluding VAT.

If the matter requires additional legal actions (eg, negotiations with the opposing party with the duration of less than one hour, an application for an interim injunction, a written reply to the opposing party’s opinion), then our fee would increase according to the Regulation above by EUR 89.48 for any such legal action.

The filing of the claim would give rise to an obligation to pay a court fee. Its amount, calculated according to the Act on Court Fees, would be EUR 180 in the example above.

If you succeed in the lawsuit, the court would order your opponent to reimburse you for the costs of the proceedings (in proportion to your success).

If your legal protection insurance entails a cover note, your costs associated with the legal representation would be paid from this insurance, regardless of the outcome of the court proceedings. Of course, in the course of the consultation we will also discuss with you risks related to the costs.

In the case of legal representation before a court or before another authority, we may also agree on a share fee, provided that the outcome of the proceedings in question is very uncertain in the circumstances of the case. According to the Regulation referred to above, the amount of this fee may not exceed 20% of the disputed amount.

Other legal services

For legal representation before courts or before other authorities as well as for other legal services (eg, preparation or review of a contract), we can agree with you on an hourly rate or a flat rate.


Tel. (SK):
+421 902 867 581

Tel. (AT):
+43 1 36 727 89


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Dr. Ľubica Stelzer Páleníková
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MMag. Dr. Michael Stelzer
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